I've decided to switch gears a little bit with this blog. I shall no longer be posting here. Instead you can keep up to date with my work over on my new portfolio website. It is linked to my tumblr where I shall be blogging from now on.

Sorry for the change but I don't have the time for a full on blog at this time. Hope to see you there.

Never Apologise

Never Apologise - Watercolour and digital illustration

Available at Etsy as an 8 x 10 print.

Original Watercolour - Alphabet

I have posted about this piece before, as it has been available as an 8 x 10 print for a few weeks here and here. I have now listed the original over on my etsy shop, grab it while you can!

You Inspire Me

This week I want to showcase the brilliant work of Matte Stephens. He paints incredibly detailed but simple pieces that I just admire immensely.

Sweet Delights

The second piece in my new series of quaint English shops. This one features a bright sweet shop and tea room. The exterior is based on Lanes Patisserie & Cafe in Brighton.

It is now available as a 8 x 10 print in my etsy and folksy shops.

P.S. I want to thank everyone who has purchased a print so far. It gives me such a thrill to know that my artwork is adorning other people's walls. :)

You Inspire Me

In an effort to get more posts on this here blog (because I can be terribly neglectful at times!) I am introducing a new weekly post which will showcase artists and illustrators that inspire me with their wonderful work.

This week, the fabulous work of Migy

This caught my eye on Pinterest this week. Perfectly captures London and I adore the colour scheme.

You can't be British and not love tea, right? Right?

Fantastic message. Brilliant poster.