Have a little peak at the packaging I've been working on for my shop. I saw the idea for stamping business cards over at Paper Pastries and thought it was a look that would work for me so I went on the hunt for a similar stamp. They sell them at Staples, but I actually got mine from eBay as it was a lot cheaper. The stamp itself is very adaptable and has some cute icons as well as text/numbers. It is a bit fiddly but once everything is in place, it's a great bit of kit!

I had some 12x12 card stock left over from my scrapbooking days so stamped on that on a few different colours as many times as I could, cut them up and then stuck a bit of washi tape on the back of each to jazz them up a bit. I'm really pleased with how they've turned out! They're by no means perfect, but I like them!

As for the rest, I printed out some small versions of my prints, added a free sticker and then grabbed a vintage book and used a paper punch to make some hearts. All finished off by popping everything in a small glassine bag and securing with more washi tape.

Stamp: Colop DIY Printer 50/2
Glassine Bags: packagesandstrings at etsy
Washi Tape: huihuizakka at etsy (note: I didn't purchase mine from here, but these are the same)


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